20 Affordable DIY Project With Pallet Bathroom Design Ideas


Hi everyone, back again with iDoRoom Crew. I want to know how your day today? i hope you got a good vibe. Oh yess it’s saturday so perfectly making an idea for homie by your handmade a.k.a Do-It-Yourself. Do It Yourself is a fun part while you doing some project on your house. Besides the affordable price according to your wallet, you can make a long-term investment to renovate the house to make it look nice and comfortable.

Right now we talk about Do It Yourself with pallet bathroom. Some part of bathroom equipments you can make a DIY using pallet. We give you an example what an equipment of bathroom that you can apply effectively:

  1. Mirror
  2. Storage Bathroom (liquid soap, shampoo, tooth brush & toothpaste, etc)
  3. Hanging Towel
  4. Toilet Paper
  5. If you want to added some missed equipment to us, it’s feel free to reminded us. Don’t be shy 🙂

Yap that’s our equipment example that you can apply with DIY pallet. Also we will show you 20 Affordable DIY Project With Pallet Bathroom Design Ideas pictures below. Have a nice day for you 🙂

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Kamile Castaneda

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